Wednesday, February 14, 2007

യൂസഫ്‌ അലി

He can be seen anywhere, where he doesnt have any business at all. How come that we give him such place in the society, or is it that he has forcefully taken it from all the changing ministries. I am surprised that, whenever some state government level meetings are being held, especially with Arab ministers, (UAE delegates, in particular), Mr. Youself Ali shows his presence. He is not a government official, can it be that he is invited to attend, or is it just that, he decides that he should be there?

He is a business tycoon, and maybe good in person. He is recognized in UAE as a successful tycoon. Well, all that is right. So, if all the successful business men plans to attend all such meetings, will it be permissible? One cannot fancy that he is just there to translate Arabic to Kerala ministers or Malayalam to Arabic delegates.

What is going on? is the government structure has become somebody's private business.

Rajeeve Chelanat

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