Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jesus was.....

Jesus was…

Jesus might have been a Black.
Three logics vouch for that:

He addressed everyone “Brother”;
He spread gospels;
And, in the end he didn’t get a fair trial at all.

Jesus might equally have been a Jew;
with another three arguments that we knew;

He trod his father’s way of trade;
Never left his home till he reached two and thirty
He believed in his mother’s virginity, and she in his godliness.

But, Jesus, he could have been an Italian as well;
another three things prove that well.

He used signs to communicate;
After every food he drank wine;
And used much olive oil.

Jesus, a Californian? Might be:

Because he didn’t have his hair cut;
He always walked barefoot;
He established a religion.

But, Jesus would have been an Irish too.
See these reasons that could be true;

He never married;
Always narrated stories;
Loved meadows.

But, Jesus would have been a woman as well.
Three strong reasoning make it clear.

Unprepared, and without a grain left, still, he fed hundreds.
He shot messages across a multitude of dumb-heads.
Even from his death he had to return to finish errands that he left unaccomplished.


Rajeeve Chelanat said...

യേശു എന്നാല്‍..എന്ന കവിതയുടെ തര്‍ജ്ജമ

Rajeeve Chelanat said...

Author of these verses still remains a mystery. Would highly appreciate if anyone could help out.

Anonymous said...

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